Netline FAQ

NetLine Screen does not load after clicking “OK” on the warning message.

This can happen if you have pop-up blockers enabled. Look for a message with a yellow background across the top of the screen just above the Rabun County Bank logo. Click on the message and select “Always Allow Pop-ups from this site”. Click on the NetLine link again.

If you have a Google toolbar, pop-up blockers can be hidden. Look for the toolbar above “Favorites” that says “Google”. At the end of the line you will see two arrows “>>”. Click on the arrows and a menu will appear. Go down to “Pop-up Blocker”. Again, select “Always Allow Pop-ups from this site”. Click on the NetLine link again. Click here for additional information.

Why did I have to go through an additional authentication process?

Our online banking security system controls are asking you to confirm your PC and Network path before proceeding. The most common reasons for being directed to additional authentication would be if you are using Online Banking for the first time or if you use a new device (laptop, PC, tablet, etc.) to access Online Banking.

Why am I am directed to the additional authentication process every time I login to NetLine?

For security, our online banking system uses Device Profiling that looks at many factors together as well as a system cookie and Flash Object from a prior session. If you clear cookies or Flash Objects after each use, have a change or update to your browser setting you may be directed to additional authentication. We see this question more from end-customers who login through a corporate nextwork on a Proxy IP.

What if the phone number I want the system to use to communicate my one-time login security code is not included in the phone number choice list?

Contact a Customer Service Represtative, during normal business hours, at (706) 782-4571 to ensure all your contact information is up to date.

When I attempt to answer the security questions during additional authentication at login, I receive a message that I am not eligible for questions.

The Social Security Number you enter must match the Social Security Number we have on record for the User ID you entered at login. Businesses do not have Social Security Numbers and are not eligible for security questions.